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Lease renewals in London

Lease Renewals in London

At Aspect Surveyors Ltd, we have an excellent reputation for providing expert advice on residential and commercial property leases, with a particular focus on right to manage litigation and lease renewals in London. 

Making lease renewals easier

Are you a landlord or a tenant facing a lease renewal negotiation? If your lease is expiring, there are a multitude of issues which can affect the business in future:
  • Does the new lease say the rent can only be increased at review?
  • Does it say you must keep the premises open?
  • Are there any restrictions on the assignment of the lease?
  • What are your repair and service charge liabilities?
  • Are there restrictions upon the use?
  • What length of lease is suitable for you and the premises?

All these issues affect the value of a commercial property and the rent review that should be agreed. The legal system in England and Wales is highly favourable to the business tenant when dealing with lease renewals. To gain maximum benefit of the provisions of the Landlord and Tenant Acts, it is important that your surveyor works alongside you and your solicitors to negotiate the best possible terms for a new lease. In many recent negotiations, we have been successful in negotiating favourable terms for our clients.

Our fees for representing your interests are based upon a percentage of the rent achieved. Contact us and let us show you how we can save you money.

Rent negotiations and expert witnesses for landlords and tenant

Modern contract documentation, including commercial leases often provide for disputes to be referred to arbitration if the parties cannot reach an agreement. The dispute may be with respect to the condition of the building or the amount of rent to be paid under the terms of a rent review. In England and Wales, the arbitration will be conducted under the provisions of the Arbitration Act 1996.

As an arbitration is a quasi judicial process, it is necessary to understand the basis of arbitration law and practice in a particular field to ensure the best result.

We are experienced in best representing Landlord and Tenant interest. Our qualified chartered surveyors have extensive experience in dealing with rent review arbitration; both written representations and oral hearings.

Fair rent reviews

Is a rent review due on your commercial property? Are you having trouble persuading your landlord or tenant that his or her figures are unjustified? Are you faced with arbitration or expert determination? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we can give you advice that 
will save you money.
We are pleased to act for individual landlords and tenants who can gain from our representation. Contact us and let our team help you.
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Expert witnesses for landlords and tenant
Rent negotiations
Making lease renewals easier
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